Essential Worship Guitar Level 2
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Level 2 - Essential Worship Guitar Book

Essential Worship Guitar is a comprehensive resource for guitar strategies and techniques that are unique and vital to you, the worship guitarist. This innovative guide will improve your ability to worship with the guitar by offering unusually straightforward instruction on such commonly intimidating musical concepts as:

      • Constructing colorful worship chords.
      • Strumming and finger picking in worship styles.
      • Using number system chord progressions in
         free worship.
      • Using modes, minor scales, and pentatonic scales
         for inspired worship improvisation.
      • Playing single note improvisations over repeatable
         chord progressions.

$14.95      ISBN 1-883002-73-7             

Level 2 - Essential Worship Guitar DVD

Fully coordinated with the pages of the Essential Worship Guitar book, the Essential Worship Guitar DVD companion provides accessible and thorough instruction for the intermediate level guitarist.

You’ll learn:

      • Open chord and color chord voicings found
         in many of today’s most popular praise songs.
      • “Choking” the strings to create a groove.
      • Changing keys and using capos.
      • How “You Can Be The Whole Band.”
      • And much more.

$24.95      ISBN 1-932096-25-6             

Approximate Running Time: DVD - 86 Minutes

Essential Worship Guitar is one of the most comprehensive tools available to guitarists who want to develop their understanding of music theory and how it relates to the guitar. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about becoming a better guitarist, musician, and worshiper!"